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Join Our Teen Club!

Teens 13-19 are welcome to join our Teen Club at Hello Happiness Creativity Center! For 2024 we are offering MONTHLY kits that teens can come and pick up for free and take home (or anywhere!) to complete. No sign-up necessary! Each month will feature a different kit that will come with the supplies needed to complete the activity and an instruction sheet, if applicable. Some additional household supplies may be needed, such as glue, scissors, etc. and those will be clearly listed! The kits are totally free but will be limited and given out on a first-come, first-serve basis. 

Beaded lizard.jpg

April 2024 - Beaded Lizard Keychains

Hey folks, welcome to April’s Teen Club Kit! This month we’re making beaded lizard keychains out of pony beads and plastic lacing. Each kit comes with pony beads, plastic lacing, and a split ring keychain. These lizard keychains are fun and relatively simple to make, and your friends will surely be asking you to show them how to make one. Once you learn how to make the beaded lizard, there are so many other fun beaded animals you can make! 

Here’s a slower, follow-along video of Elena making a beaded lizard keychain:

And here’s a much quicker overview video that teaches you how to make the keychain:

There are tons of other great videos on YouTube that show you how to make different versions of the lizard and other beaded animals. Prepare to have your backpack covered in these beaded keychains because once you make one, you won’t want to stop!

Origami Stars.jpg

March 2024 - Origami Stars

March’s Teen Club kit is origami stars! This kit is much more simple than last month’s kit, so if you had trouble with the fabric twine, we hope you enjoy making origami stars! This kit provides you with thin strips of paper and a link to an instructional youtube video. The best thing about origami stars is that you can make them with most types of paper and at any time and any place! All you’re really doing is making a knot with a strip of paper, folding the long tail along the edges, tucking the ends in, and then pinching the points to make it star-shaped! 

Watch an instructional video here:

Wondering what to do with your origami stars? Try stringing them up and hanging them around your room! Make an ornament by filling a clear ornament ball with the paper starts. You could also write a little note on the strip of paper (like an affirmation, titles of books you want to read, movies or shows you want to watch, or anything that makes you happy) make each one into a star, and store them in a jar. Then when you want some happiness or an idea for something, take a star out and unwrap it! 

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