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About Us


Hello Happiness Creativity Center is a nonprofit community of learning, connection, support and renewal through creativity. Based on a foundation of kindness, imagination and respect, our missions to provide affordable access to creative supplies and experiences for everyone. 

Hello Happiness Creativity Center is an inspiring space to visit whenever you need a little creative inspiration ….and a friendly smile! 


Shop Happy is a small but mighty thrift store that is full of extremely affordable new and used art and craft supplies. Shoppers of all ages are invited to explore the many nooks and crannies that our visitors agree is the greatest treasure hunting spot around! Our prices ensure everyone can leave with the creative tools they need and we even have a free area so NO ONE leaves empty handed. Shop Happy is a vital part of our mission and the community ensures it’s success by shopping AND donating the items we sell. We couldn’t do it without you. Together we keep tons of items in circulation and out of landfills renewing supplies and your creative spark at the same time. Shop Happy also features new items that we offer at pennies above bulk pricing, art by Team Happy, fun kits, and more, making it a fun and inspiring experience for all! Many who visit Shop Happy think our prices are too low, and they are… but that is by design. We want everyone to be able to afford our products! If you are financially fortunate and want to support us further round up your total, add a donation to your order or leave a cash donation in our donation jar at the register! Visit our Donation page to see what your donations support. 


Our studio is a fun …slightly chaotic…;)  space full of colorful supplies and tools where we host classes, demos, events and programs. Because the space has many tools and supplies not suitable for children the activities in the studio are geared to adults and teens. Everything from scrapbooking, to crocheting, to painting, to metal stamping, to jewelry making will be featured activities in the studio. Visit our 'Classes' tab for more info about upcoming events!


Just walk in our door! Our fun, colorful, light-hearted space will leave you feeling happy and inspired. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is here to guide you on your creative journey. Ask us if you have any questions and let us help you figure out how to start. We are here for YOU and  can't wait to get you started on a journey of creativity! 


Founder Kim Geiser has been on a life long creative journey that lead to the creation of Hello Happiness Creativity Center. Growing up with makers all around her she started making it her career in 1999 when she opened her first store with 3 other creative ladies. That was the start of pretty much every creative endeavor possible! Writing for magazines, teaching all over the country, solo shows, art booths, several stores, and publishing a book are all parts of Kim’s creative life as well as evolving her personal style and life to reflect her colorful journey. In 2016 she opened Hello Happiness, a small pop up shop in downtown Sheboygan that changed everything. There she met many people in the non profit world and discovered that serving others was really what she wanted to do. When closing in 2017, Kim took a position at social services as a supervised visitation provider. This experience was pivotal in realizing that the non profit world and serving others was what she needed to do but on her own and using her creativity. 

In February of 2020 the idea to create a space that would give people a creative voice combining all of her life experiences was born. A place people from all walks of life could gather to get creative together, where people could shop for really affordable supplies, and where a circular economy model could be used to keep things in circulation and out of landfills. A model that creates connection, support, learning and renewal. Kim jokingly asked her facebook friends if someone would buy her the building at 1504 New Jersey Avenue in Sheboygan to make Hello Happiness Creativity Center a reality and someone did. A woman from her past reached out and offered an affordable $100,000 loan to purchase the building and from there it all fell into place despite a pandemic that changed life for everyone. Guided by what seemed to be something bigger than anyone, all the right people joined in and supported this idea of Kim’s in all the ways that were needed to create this little corner of happiness that just continues to grow and improve every day with the incredible support of the community. 

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