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Learn More About Hello Happiness Creativity Center!

What are your hours?

Hello Happiness Creativity Center is open Tuesday-Friday 10-5 and Saturday 10-3.

Do you take donations?

Yes, we accept new and gently used/usable arts and craft supplies anytime we are open. Please come to the back door and let us know if you need help! (visit the 'Donations' tab for a more in-depth list of what items we do and don't accept)

We also accept cash donations and round-up donations at the register or through square online. These donations help our non-profit run smoothly and keep our doors open for the community!

Where do my donations go?

Your donations may go to several different places within Hello Happiness Creativity Center. We sort, clean, and repackage items to be priced for our store, placed in the free hall, or kept in our studio for future use in classes. We also share resources with other local organizations to ensure that all donations find a home.

Can Hello Happiness Creativity Center host a birthday party?

Unfortunately, we do not offer private parties. Our mission at Hello Happiness Creativity Center is creativity for all. Our studio is a space for people from different backgrounds to gather at one table and have a shared creative experience.

Do you sell specific name brand art supplies?

Our inventory changes daily, which means that we cannot guarantee that we carry any specific art supply at a given time. We do sell a few things that we buy in bulk, such as canvases, craft paint, and paint brushes, but almost everything else is donated. 

Because our prices are so affordable, our inventory moves quickly. The best way to know if we have specific items is to come in and visit often!

Why can't my child come to classes?

Our studio is filled with lots of tools and shelves full of items that aren't safe for young children. Additionally, our classes are designed for adults, which means they may be too long for a child's attention span and we encourage open dialogue and expression, which may not be suitable for children. We offer classes for adults and teens 16+.

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